Welcome to a dream builder where you pick your components and we build for you!

Step 1: Pick you rim size and width and spoke count (28 or 32)
  • 27.5 or 29er
  • 27mm, 30mm, 35mm or 38mm AM or 38mmDH (little more carbon) wide
Step 2: Pick your hub and color, we pick black as default
  • Chris king
  • DT Swiss
  • SRAM
  • Shimano
  • Hope
  • Industry Nine
Step 3: Pick your spokes and color, we pick black on black as default
  • Sapim Race 2x butted
  • DT Swiss Competition
  • Wheelsmith
Step 4: 
  • Place the order to email: info@godelfin.com
  • (we will eventually have this in an automatic form format, but sincerely prefer to work with our customers either in person or on the phone, so send an email with your contact information to GoDelfin and we will call you to pick the right components for your dream build!)

Note: We will help you source the best parts for your dream wheel set. We source from all US shops and even over seas when needed. Pick the Hubs and color spokes and nipples. We recommend Sapim Race 2x butted, but also use Wheelsmith or DT Swiss Competition spokes butted or not butted.

**Our favorite wheel sets are built to spec with Chris King, Hope or DT Swiss hubs, Sapim double butted super strong and light race spokes and either aluminum or brass nipples in pretty much any color you prefer.

**If you have other hub preferences, please let us know and we will source at the best price for you. Our professional staff are longtime mountain bikers and racers with a wealth of experience in building wheels and custom bikes!

We look forward to be working on your dream!

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