Welcome to GoDelfin!

GoDelfin was established in 2015, thanks to our Master of Wheels "The Dane". 

The Dane has always been passionate about his bikes and wheels.  For years he has dreamed of having his own shop so that other's, like yourself, can also feel passionate about biking.  Obsessed with weight and a belief that you can always find or make something lighter without giving up strength and durability is his motto: It's all about the ride and that became his mission. 

Years of disappointment and frustration with the loss of stability and cornering traction compared to the 39mm downhill aluminum rims he had been riding, the Dane favored the much lighter carbon rims for climbing and improved grip  from a wide and less un-sprung wheel weight.  So the Dane began his tinkering with carbon fiber wide rims and believes now is the time for him to share with you his passion and belief.   He's able to step out of the rat race for a moment and really enjoy what he truly loves (aside from his family, riding and friends).

Over the past five years, we have tested many sizes and brands of carbon rims sourced locally and abroad, 30mm wide 29er and 650B rims, 35mm, 38mm and 41mm 29er and 650B rims, 38mm and 41mm wide 29er AM and DH and 650B rims and now 41mm wide from many vendors  and found them all to be super strong, light and agile yet incredible rigid offering you more control than any aluminum rim could ever offer. The best part, cost has been driven down so a i9 with 41mm and Sapim Race spokes will cost less than $1500 and Chris King at $1600!!

Join us in the enjoyment of the new fun, GoDelfin Carbon Rims - and leave no passion behind!